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This site is intended primarily as an archive for Danish language texts. But now and then I have found texts in English which are not otherwise available on the Web and have added them to the archive. Most of them are from the International Socialist Tendency and are also listed in the IS/SWP index page. For those of you who don’t read our obscure language, all English language texts are listed here.


Abbie Bakan
Kronstadt: A Tragic Necessity, 1990 (engelsk)
Peter Binns
Cuba, Castro and Socialism, 1980 (engelsk) (med Mike Gonzalez)
“Popular Power” in Cuba, 1983 (engelsk)
Ian Birchall
Kinnock’s favourite Marxist: Eric Hobsbawm and the working class, 1983 (engelsk) (med Norah Carlin)
Duncan Blackie
It’s all relative (Einstein), 1988 (engelsk)
Alex Callinicos (1950-)
An Imperialist Peace?, 1988 (engelsk)
Plumbing the Depths: Marxism and the Holocaust, 2001 (engelsk)
Norah Carlin
Kinnock’s favourite Marxist: Eric Hobsbawm and the working class, 1983 (engelsk) (med Ian Birchall)
Pete Clark
The strike that shook a country. Report from Denmark (1985), 1985 (engelsk)
S. Freeman
What is “Unproductive Labour”?, 1981 (engelsk) (med B. Vandesteeg)
Mike Gonzalez
Cuba, Castro and Socialism, 1980 (engelsk) (med Peter Binns)
Chris Harman (1942-2009)
Criticism which does not withstand the test of logic: A Reply to Ernest Mandel, 1990 (engelsk)
The prophet and the proletariat, 1994 (engelsk)
Derek Howl
The law of value and the USSR, 1990 (engelsk)
Paul McGarr
Star wars (Copernicus, Kepler and Galileo), 1988 (engelsk)
Order out of chaos, 1990 (engelsk)
Mozart: Overture to revolution, 1991 (engelsk)
John Molyneux (1948-)
What is the real Marxist tradition?, 1983 (engelsk)
Malcolm Povey
The science factory, 1989 (engelsk)
John Rees
Trotsky and the dialectic of history, 1990 (engelsk)
Mike Simons
Darwin’s new dawn, 1988 (engelsk)
B. Vandesteeg
What is “Unproductive Labour”?, 1981 (engelsk) (med S. Freeman)
Andy Wilson
The core of Newton, 1988 (engelsk)
Andy Zebrowski
Poland: Turning the tables?, 1988 (engelsk)


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